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106-anneversary of Saratov state conservatoire

106-anneversary of Saratov state conservatoire was celebrated on October, 21st with the gala-concert of leading soloists and conservatoire ensembles in the White Hall. The program of concert included by different kinds of music: classic, contemporary folk and jazz.

The program was opened by conservatoire academic choir under direction of the rector Alexander Zanorin, who performed “Autumn” of V. Kalinnikov, “Kolyadka” of A. Koshevsky and a groovy song «I Sing, You Sing» («The Real Group»).  

The chamber ensemble consisting of Olga Tolkushkina (violin), Svetlana Stadnikova (cello) and Olga Nadolskaya (piano) continued the program. They played The trio in G-major of C. Debussy.

The concert proceeded with accordions’ ensemble under direction of professor Boris Aron played “The Tirol’s waltz” of G. Russel and a famous “Basso-ostinato” of V. Vlasov.

The students’ Folk choir (director – ass. prof. Galina Burdanova) and the Theater of Plastics and Dance (director – ass. prof. Alexey Ziikov) also performed in the first part of the concert.

The last number of the first part was the first movement of K. Bolling’s suite that was performed by student orchestra and jazz-trio consisting of Tatiana Nechaeva (piano), Vadim Pogorilyak (drums) and Vitaly Gayduk (basso).

The “stars” of the second part of the concert were soloists and the symphony orchestra under direction of professor Sergei Nesterov. Arias and pieces were played by Igor Vinogradov (piano),  Olga Alakina (soprano), Vyacheslav Bondarenko (button-accordion), Rue Hee-Yoon (violin), Alexander Danilenko (trumpet). The first movement of Rachmaninov’s Piano concerto №2, “Introduction and Rondo-capriccioso” of Saint-Saence, “Hora staccato” of G. Dinicu, “Bramsiada” by V. Semenov, “Fantazy-waltz” by M. Glinka and arias by Verdi sounded in their performance.

The musicians created the atmosphere of joy and admiration, so the audience, gathered at White Hall, met every piece with storm of applause and didn’t want to let the performances go.

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