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Saratov conservatoire concerts online

Dear guests!

You can listen to Saratov conservatoire concerts online on our Youtube-channel.

This week you can see following musical meetings:

The concert of The Russian folk orchestra of Kazan state conservatory named after N. Zhiganov will be held today, on November, 20th  at 17:00 (UTC+3). The main conductor is Honoured Artist of Tatarstan, docent Rustem Rahmatullin.

The auther’s project of the composer Vladimir Mishle “Autumn fantasy” will take place on November, 21st at 18:00 (UTC+3). Popular and jazz music will be performed of instrumental ensemble. Soloists are Vladimir Mishle (grand piano) and Boris Aron (accordion).

Please, follow the link here: https://www.youtube.com/user/sarconservatory/videos

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