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Festival “Multicolored sheet music” goes on

In October 2018 in Big Hall of Saratov Conservatory there started Festival of instrumental and ensemble music “Multicolored sheet music” This year it is dedicated to music of French composers.

The first concert of the cycle presented the keyboard duet of Laureates of National and International competitions Natalia Golfarb (organ) and Tatiana Nechaeva (piano) who performed original piano pieces and their transcriptions for organ.

On 30th November there was held a concert “Jazz à la Française” dedicated to jubilee of the Head of Piano department, People’s Artist of Russia, Professor A.M. Tarakanov. The program included pieces of a famous French jazz pianist, composer and arranger Claude Bolling: Suite for Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Piano Trio, Picnic Suite for Guitar, Flute and Jazz Piano Trio, and Sonata for two pianos, bass and percussion.

Compositions were performed by Symphony orchestra of Saratov Conservatory SPO department (conductor – Timur Absalutinov), Laureates of International competitions Olga Skripinskaya (flute), Ilya Koliberdin (guitar), Tatiana Nechaeva (piano), Vitaly Gaiduk (bass guitar), Vadim Pogorilyak (percussion)

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