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Master-classes of Elise Lefay

Оn May, 16-17th master-classes of the teacher of general and French phonetic in London conservatoire Trinity Laban Elise Lefay were held. Elise is French but she lives in London during last 14 years. She started as vocalist (soprano) and learned music and languages in the UK, Italy and Germany. 
At the first evening Elise told teachers and students about secrets of French pronunciation. Not only vocal students came to the master-class but also young pianists, violinists and theory students. At the second day practical master-class was held at the Theater Hall. Elise worked with Poline Vdovina, Xenia Nesterenko (class of prof. L. Belova), Ekaterina Strebkova and Diana Aisina (class of prof. A. Tarasova). Teachers and pianists of Vocal Department high appreciated these meetings and asked about developing cooperation with Elise Lefay.