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The Festival “In the homeland of Panitsky”

The VI Interregional Competition of Young Folk Instrument Performers took place in Saratov Conservatoire on the 22nd of March 2019. It was held in the framework of the Festival “In the homeland of Panitsky”. More than 40 musicians from different cities took part in the competition.

Leonid Bertov (class of Prof. B. Aron) and Mathew Bashlykov (class of N. Aphanasieva) were the best in the nomination “Accordion and button-accordion”. Maxim Sboev (class of A. Zhumaev) and Kamilla Shaimetova (class of O. Radaeva) won in the nomination “Domra and balalayka”.

The concert of Bayan-trio from Lipetsk (Honored Artists of Russia Vyacheslav Melnik, Victor Karpy and Sergey Elchaninov) was held after the competition. This famous trio performed pieces of W.A. Mozart, F. Schubert, M. Glinka, V. Zolotarev, A. Timoshenko, V. Novikov and others. The audience was captivated by the artistic skills of the musicians and met them with the storm of applause.

The program of the next concert of the Festival will include the performance of the Russian folk instrument orchestra under the direction of Kirill Ershov.

Welcome to the Big Hall of Saratov Conservatoire on the 29th of March at 18:30

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