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The concert of Chinese students

The concert of Chinese students (class of Prof. Sergey Vartanov) took place in the Small Hall of Saratov Conservatoire on 26th March, 2019. Before introducing his pupils, Sergey Vartanov told some words about his work in Chinese Institute of Arts (Shandong University) in 2003 mentioning how much surprised he was with his Chinese students desire to study.

“The students paid attention to every word of mine and were thirsty for more knowledge, - told Professor. – There is no three steps musical education system in China, similar to the one we have in Russia. So, it was especially interesting to witness their progress. I’m very glad that now Chinese students study in our conservatoire, and three of them study in my class”.

The audience could evaluate working results of Wang Jun (III year student), Lin Xiaoyi  and Wang Linjia (II year students) who performed piano pieces of I. S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, L. Beethoven, M.I. Glinka, T. Badarzhevska, B. Bartok, Ch. Trenet were. Besides students presented music of Chinese composing school (pieces of Ли Иньхай и Сунь Ицян) and performed the first movements of I.S. Bach’s and G.F. Handel’s concertos in duets with their professor.

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