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“Elisabeth Bam, open the door!”

The world premiere of opera «Elisabeth Bam» by Saratov composer Michael Heifetz took place in the Big Hall of Saratov Conservatoire on 4th March. The plot of the opera is based on the play by Russian and Soviet writer, the member of «Association for the real art» Daniil Kharms.

The major event held by the Association was the poetic evening «Three left hours» that took place on 24th January, 1928. Association members read their poems and the Kharms’s play «Elisabeth Bam» was presented. The genre was defined as «blood drama» and the first name of the play was «The case of murder». Daniil Kharms used the principle of character’s instability: Elisabeth Bam presented as a girl, as a woman and as a wife.

The play of Kharms was staged in Russian theatres many times but in Saratov it was the first performance of the opera «Elisabeth Bam». The concert variant of the opera was given by philharmonic orchestra of Saratov Conservatoire (conductor – Michael Myasnikov) and soloists Olga Alakina, Victor Kutsenko, Marina Makarova, Timur Abdurachmanov, Ivan Yurov, and Michael Soloviev. The author of the opera, composer, the Chairman of Young Composers’ Competition Michael Heifetz was present at the premier. 

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