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“Classic guitar: modern performance and teaching”

The X International Scientific Conference “Classic guitar: modern performance and teaching” will be held in Saratov Conservatoire on 20th of March, 2019. Organizers of the Conference are Saratov Conservatoire and Association of Guitar Art Development.

The aims of the conference are promotion of classic guitar performance and development of scientific and theoretical base of guitar teaching in system of professional and additional education.

Since the 1st Conference, held in 2005, 250 performers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Belgium, Argentina, the USA, the Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia have participated in it. Among them are Professors Alexander Frauchi and Michael Imkhanitsky, Assistant Professor Natalia Ivanova-Kramskaya, composer Sergey Ilyin, the President of Cyprus EGTA Department Dimitris Regginos, Professor of Niora Conservatoire Philipp Willa, Professor of Munster Hochschule Reinbert Evers and others.

This year the program of the Conference “Classic guitar: modern performance and teaching” includes seminars, master-classes, concerts, competition of students’ research papers and publication of scientific articles. The main issues of the conference are theory of guitar teaching and performance, analysis of modern performing schools.   

More than 30 teachers, researchers, post-graduates and students from Russia, Italy and Belorussia will take part in the conference. Among them are Massimo Gasbarroni (the Laureate of international musical competitions), Igor Shoshin (Director of International Guitar Festival “Guitar Renaissance”), composer Sergey Ilyin (Director of Guitar Association of St. Petersburg), Sergey Kodenko (Professor of Voronezh State Art Institute) and others.

The conference will start on 20th of March 2019 at 10 a.m. in class №52. The Chairman of the conference is PhD (Arts) Vitally Ganeev.

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