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The flashmob of conservatoire ensembles

The flashmob of conservatoire ensembles was held on the June, 11th. This meeting with audience passed on the open air under the project «Classical music in the city».  

Philharmonic orchestra started the concert near Conservatoire. Symphony «Mingy Tau» of Akhmat Malkanduev and the Concert for button-accordion and orchestra were performed (conductors are D. Mstislavsky and M. Myasnikov).

Students of the Theatre Institute made a show with songs and dances near the tram «Simeon» (the headmaster is prof. R. Belyakova). Folk choir (headmaster is G. Burdanova) performed Russian songs near the shop for the newlyweds.  

After that folk instruments orchestra (conductor K. Yershov) and the Wind-band (conductor – S. Zlotnikov) played their programs.

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