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Festival in memory of Arnold Brening

The first festival “The year of Composer” was opened on October, 19th 2018 in Saratov State Conservatoire. The project was initiated by teachers of Theory of Music Department and the Saratov Conservatoire “Schnittke center”. This year the festival is dedicated to composer, outstanding master of polyphony and Honored Art Worker of Russia Arnold Arnoldovich Brening.

The most important and interesting event of the festival took place on 22nd February. Composer’s daughter Tatyana Arnoldovna Brening (the teacher of Kazan Art College) came to Saratov to take part in the scientific conference and told the conservatoire students and teachers about members of her family who were very talented in different fields, showed photos and audio recordings from the family archive. After her presentation the conference “To 95th anniversary of A. Brening” was continued by reports of Brening’s students and colleagues.

The program of the day finished with the concert consisting of Brening’s pieces performed by Volga chamber orchestra (conductor – Michael Myasnikov), Bradnt Brass Ensemble (art-director – D. Novitsky), S. Nesterov (violin), D. Tupitsin (cello), O. Alakina (soprano), I. Yurov (tenor), pianists O. Ushakova,  O. Dzegnaradze, I. Statnik, V. Igonin, I. Andreev, S. Vinogradova, T. Lugovoy and flutists S. Burova, I. Kravchuk, A. Beloliptseva, A. Lomakina, N. Sochkova.

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