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Celebration of the Cosmonautics Day

On April, 12 Chinese students of Conservatoire took part in the celebration of the Cosmonautics Day. The trip to the place of Yuri Gagarin’s landing was organized with the support of the Russian-Chinese cultural center.

The official meeting was dedicated to 58th anniversary of the first human space flight. The first woman-cosmonaut of the world, the Hero of the USSR Valentina Tereshkova, the Chairman of the State Duma of Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin, the Governor of Saratov region Valery Radaev took part in it.

Valentina Tereshkova told about her personal acquaintance with Yuri Gagarin:

“Yuri Alekseevich was fond of Saratov, he came here with much pleasure. When he returned from Saratov, he always brought a big basket of apples and said that they were gathered on the Saratov land and cleaned with the Volga water. I think, you feel, that after such gifts we became fond of your region too”, - told Valentina Vladimirovna laughing and continuued:“Gagarin was a very reliable friend and a kind teacher. He saw me off to the space with the words: “Don’t be afraid, Valya, I’m with you!”

Chinese students of conservatoire told that the holiday impressed them a lot. “It was interesting, - told Song Yang, the listener of the preparatory course, - most of all I liked the planes, which left colorful traces in the air”.

After official part of the holiday students visited the museum of cosmonautics, tried on helmets and astronauts masks, enjoyed the shashlyk on the food court. 



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